Here at Cal Flavin’s, we love to hear about the DIY projects you’re planning in your house and garden, and we have everything you need for the building, decorating and repairs you undertake. We can help you to find the equipment and tools that will make light work of your DIY and we’ll always be happy to give you the benefit of our expertise.

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We have a great range of top-quality tools and equipment in store, including general hardware items such as ratchet straps and brackets. We also stock items such as bike racks and walking aids, to help make your life easier. We aim to ensure you can find everything you need in one place, and we also stock electrical goods, plumbing items and garden equipment so you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Visiting a hardware store can inspire you to make those home improvements you’ve been trying to find the time for and you’ll find all the screws, nuts, bolts, hooks and hinges you need for your projects. We also stock building materials including timber, roofing materials and cement, and the paint, stain and sealants you need to finish the job to perfection.

If you’re working on an electrical or plumbing project, you’ll find solutions in our selection of wiring, pipes and other essentials, and don’t forget that we can also help with all of the safety equipment you need to keep you safe while you are using power tools, carrying heavy loads or working at height.

Stocking your tool kit so that you’re prepared for every task is easy when you pop in or order online with Cal Flavin’s. You can find a toolbox and everything you need to fill it in our hardware store, and you’ll also find the basics such as sellotape and cleaning wipes.

We employ excellent local people and pride ourselves on contributing to our local community. We enjoy getting to know our customers and supporting them in their DIY endeavours, and our friendly and efficient customer service is second to none. We will always be happy to show you our range of housewares, hardware, timber, fencing, plumbing, electrical items and more. Pop into our store or visit us online today and see our full range of products for your garden and home at Cal Flavin’s.