Bird Care

Bird Care – Seed, Feeders and Houses

Attracting birds to your garden will encourage biodiversity and give you many hours of pleasure as you watch these beautiful visitors in your outdoor space. Creating a garden that the birds will love means designing a safe, welcoming area for them to feed and nest in, and we can help you find everything you need for this project.

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Making your garden an appealing space for the local bird population involves making the most of native plants that will provide seeds and berries and attract insects for birds to eat. You can use bird feeders to offer supplementary food to birds and we have a great range of bird food, including seeds and fat balls, to attract different species. Make sure that you clean your bird feeders regularly to prevent mould or bacteria from growing in your feeders.

Providing water for birds to drink and bathe in is a great way to attract them to your garden, and you can simply use a shallow container or install a bird bath to create a feature. The water should be changed regularly to prevent disease. It’s a good idea to provide nesting boxes, birdhouses and piles of dead branches and leaves for birds to safely hide and nest in, and it is helpful to research the types of birds you have visiting your garden and consider their preferences for nesting.

Gardens have a vital role to play in bird conservation and you will be delighted with the variety of birds you begin to see as you adopt more bird-friendly practices in yours. If you are feeding birds, you should be sure to continue this throughout the year as birds can become dependent on food sources and may then be at risk if food is unavailable. Talk to your neighbours and others in your community about the importance of supporting the local bird population and try to avoid using pesticides and chemicals in your garden wherever possible, encouraging others to do the same.

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