Garden Weedkillers

Weedkillers, or herbicides, are used to control and manage weeds in the garden, and many people see weed removal as an essential garden task. Here at Cal Flavin’s, we can help you find the best options for weeding your garden, and we stock all the tools and products you need to create a beautiful, weed-free space for the summer.

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There are several different types of weedkiller available, and you will need to choose which type will work best for you. Selective herbicides, for instance, target certain plants and do not cause harm to others, so these can be used to kill unwanted growth in lawns and fields without damaging the desired crops or grass. Non-selective herbicides, on the other hand, are designed to remove a wide range of plant species and can be used to eliminate plants from an area altogether. These are often used on driveways, patios and pavements, and glyphosate is a common example.

Pre-emergent weedkillers are designed to be applied to the soil in order to prevent weeds from growing. They are very effective at preventing weed growth and are often used in garden beds and lawns to control weeds. Post-emergent weedkillers are applied to the weeds themselves, once they have emerged from the soil. They will either kill the plant or inhibit growth and can be applied to larger areas or to specific plants.

A systemic herbicide is an effective option that can kill a weed entirely, as the weedkiller is absorbed by the plant and spreads throughout it, including the roots, and is a good choice for perennial weeds. Conversely, contact herbicides affect only the parts of the plant they come into contact with, such as the leaves or the stems, and they are recommended for annual weeds which do not have such extensive root systems.

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