Here at Cal Flavins, we have all the hardware you need for your DIY and home improvement projects, and we will help you find the right equipment for every task. Whether you’re remodelling your kitchen or painting the bathroom, our range of tools, paint supplies and building materials has everything you need to get on with the job. With professional quality products and advice on how to get the results you want, your DIY projects are easier when you talk to us.

Remodelling your kitchen might involve installing new worktops and replacing your kitchen units or giving them a facelift. Check out our range of power tools for everything you need to do the job and find tiles and paints to create the finish you’ve been dreaming of. Don’t forget that we can also help to kit out your kitchen with the best kitchen appliances and smaller electrical items, and you can find everything you need in-store.

We have a great range of indoor and outdoor paints and painting supplies, as well as patio and brick cleaner and roof coating so you can ensure that your home looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside. We have an extensive range of cleaning supplies for your general cleaning as well as specialist tasks, such as cleaning your chimney, and we will be on hand to order any products that we do not have immediately available in stock.

Your fireplace is the heart of your home and it can make all the difference to have the right equipment to keep it well-maintained. We have a selection of grates and coal bunkers that are designed to be practical and look great, as well as coal buckets and hearth tools you’ll love. You can keep your woodburning stove or fire in great condition with our polishes, chimney cleaner and stove rope, and our log baskets finish the look perfectly. We also have an extensive range of fuel options, and we can help you to choose the best options for your fire and your lifestyle.

At Cal Flavins, we are a family business and we’ve been supporting the heart of our local community since being founded in 1970. We believe that our team of friendly, local experts have a wealth of advice and experience to help you make the most of your home and garden, and we will be happy to help you find electronics, home accessories and DIY equipment. You can shop online for home delivery, click and collect, or visit us in-store to find everything you need.

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