Storage and Organisation

Storage and Organisation

Storing your tools correctly will extend their life and ensure that they are always easily accessible when you need them, and an organised system will simplify your DIY preparation considerably. Here at Cal Flavin’s, we are happy to help you to find exactly what you need for your DIY projects and we love to hear about your plans for your home and garden improvements.

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Whether you store your tools in the garden shed, the house or the garage, you’ll need to access them when needed and you may need a step ladder for this purpose, especially if you have a lot of tools or power tools. We have a range of step ladders that will be invaluable in your DIY tasks and in accessing hard-to-reach items. You should always take care when using ladders and we recommend having someone to hold the ladder in place while in use. DIY accidents are common, especially when working at height, and taking action to keep yourself safe is very important.

A good set of shelves can be the best way to organise your tools and we love the Tayg Adjustable Shelves, which are a straightforward storage solution. You will not require tools to assemble these shelves and they will hold up to 200kg in total so you can set yourself up for success by storing all your tools and equipment in one place. If you are using wall shelves, you’ll find the brackets you need in our hardware range, as well as tool hooks, which are another great solution for tool storage.

You will extend the life of your tools and get the best performance from them if you store and maintain them correctly, and this means following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Tools should always be cleaned after use and regular oiling and sharpening are essential for many different types of tools. We can advise you on caring for your tools properly, and we will be happy to share our expertise.

Cal Flavins Topline and Expert was founded in 1970 and remains a family business that is at the heart of the local community. We employ excellent local people and pride ourselves on the friendly and efficient customer service we offer. We have a wide range of electrical appliances, DIY equipment and products for the home and garden, and our friendly staff will always be available to help you find the very best options for you and your family.