Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can you provide product measurements on produce in the shop?

Answer: Yes but we advise all customers to have their product measurements or the space where the product goes measurements with them as there is no such a thing like “standard size”. All product sizes are different.


Question: I can’t find what I want. Can you order it for me?

Answer: Yes we can but please be aware that some products can take anything from 1 week to 12 weeks from the time they are ordered to the time they arrive at your door. Also all product orders need to be done in person in the shop.


Question: My product has arrived but it’s faulty what do I do?

Answer: Your consumer rights for returning goods falls under the Consumer Rights Act (which replaced the Sale of Goods Act in October 2015). The Consumer Rights Act gives you the statutory right to return something and get your money back if it’s faulty. Your 30 day right to return.


Question: After I buy something e.g cooker will you take the old one away?

Answer: Yes we operate under WEEE that means we work on a one-for-one basis only and the product must be of a similar type or have performed the same function as the new product purchased. For example, if you purchase a washing machine we will take back your old washing machine free of charge and ensure it is recycled in a safe and responsible manner.


Question: Where can I find my receipt?

Answer: Depending on your choice most receipts are automatically sent to your email that you have provided while you were making the porches. This is why you should always make sure that your email is entered correctly.


Question: How do I activate my warrant?

Answer: 2 years warranty is usually activated by you


If you haven’t found the answer to your question here please contact us on

Phone: 024 92026 or via email at [email protected]