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Hardware: Tape Measures

At Cal Flavin’s, we know how important it is to have the right tool for the job and we can help you to find exactly what you need for all your DIY tasks. Toolbox staples such as tape measures tend to be needed for almost every project you undertake and you may need several to ensure that there’s always one to hand when you want it.

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Tape measures are essential for a variety of DIY projects, from construction to building a new raised bed in your garden, and some key considerations may help you find one you can rely on. For starters, you need to consider the length of tape measure you need. You will find a range of tape measures that extend to different lengths, so work out whether you are likely to need an extra-long measuring tape by considering the projects you have on your list. If in doubt, purchasing both a regular length and a longer length tape measure will ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities.

The blade of a tape measure extends and retracts to its full length and these blades are usually made of steel, which is durable and will resist bending even with frequent use. It is, of course, essential to take good care of your tools and you should protect your tape measure from being exposed to the elements, bent or over-extended. Some tape measures have a nylon-coated blade for added protection. The width of the blade of your tape measure is a personal choice, and a wider blade is often easier to read and more rigid when measuring longer distances, but may be bulkier to carry and less flexible than a narrower blade.

Most tape measures display measurements in both imperial and metric measuring units. When you are choosing your tape measure, ensure that it includes the units you are most comfortable working with. It’s also important to check that the markings on the tape measure are easy to read, even in lower light conditions. Other key features to look for include a reliable locking mechanism and an end hook that fastens securely during use.

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