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Getting your garden in great shape may mean giving your plants and lawn a treat, helping them to look great all year round. Here at Cal Flavins, we have an excellent range of fertilisers for plants, vegetables and lawns, and we can help you find the very best options for each part of your garden. We have organic and liquid options, as well as hormone rooting powder and sulphate compounds to ensure your plants get everything they need to grow strong and healthy.

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Fertilisers can be added to soil or specific plants to provide essential nutrients that may be deficient in the soil, and a soil test can help to determine the type of soil you have before you begin to consider fertilisers. Fertilisers are formulated to encourage growth, development and health in plants and there are various types. Complete fertilisers contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, three primary nutrients that will help many plants to thrive. A nitrogen-based fertiliser is intended to promote leafy, green growth and may be ideal for fertilising lawns and leafy vegetables.

If you are growing flowers or fruiting vegetables, you may wish to try a phosphorus-based product which will encourage root development, flowering and fruiting, while a potassium-based fertiliser is ideal for supporting plant health and building disease resistance and stress tolerance, especially developing strong stems and root systems in your plants.

An organic fertiliser will be derived from natural sources, and most include compost, bone meal and manure. These are formulated to release nutrients slowly and improve soil structure. Slow-release synthetic fertilisers are also available, releasing their nutrients gradually to reduce the risk of over-fertilising and nutrient leaching. You may prefer a liquid fertiliser, which can be sprayed on foliage or applied directly to the soil, or a granular fertiliser, which is usually applied to the soil surface and then watered in. Liquid fertilisers tend to act more quickly, while granular options are available in fast- or slow-release options.

If you are growing plants that thrive in acidic soil, such as azaleas and some fruits, you will need a specific fertiliser that is formulated for this purpose. You may also choose to use fertilisers designed for specific stages of growth, such as when you are re-potting seedlings or planting them out. It is vital to follow instructions carefully when fertilising your plants to avoid over-fertilisation, which can be harmful to your plants and the local environment.

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