Series 6 heat pump tumble dryer 9 kg

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  • SelfCleaning Condenser: keep the condenser free of fluff to maintain A++ energy efficiency.
  • AutoDry: automatically dries to the exact degree of dryness you want.
  • Half load option: optimises the drying settings (load and duration) for small loads.
  • AntiVibration Design: extremely stable and especially quiet thanks to special vibration protection.
  • SensitiveDrying System: for gentle drying without wrinkles.

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Heat Pump Tumble Dryers work in the same way as condenser tumble dryers by storing the moisture in a container. However these dryers use heat pump technology to reuse the hot air that is normally lost. This reuse of energy makes heat pump tumble dryers more energy efficient. By using a lower drying temperature, they consume less electricity and save money on your household bills. Due to the lower temperature a Heat Pump tumble dryer also offers better protection for your clothes. Whilst it takes longer to dry a load compared to a standard condenser dryer, it will help you significantly reduce your energy consumption up to 80% cheaper to run a year.

To get the best out of your machine, make sure the filters and the evaporator are cleaned regularly (check your manual for instructions).

Use in outbuildings: This heat pump dryer is not designed to be used in an outbuilding. Do not use it in any unheated area.