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Planting Seeds & Flowers
How is your garden looking? If you have noticed that your lawn has bare or uneven patches or you would like to grow more flowers or vegetables, you’ll love exploring our range of seeds at Cal Flavins. We have an excellent variety of vegetable, flower and grass seeds so you can find exactly what you’re looking for to create the garden of your dreams.

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If you’re planning to grow more vegetables this year, you can find everything from carrots and cauliflowers to herbs and tomatoes in our selection. We recommend finding out what sort of soil you have in your garden and making the most of this by choosing well-suited vegetables or adjusting the balance in your soil. If you are growing in raised beds, you may wish to read up on the ‘no dig’ method to save yourself time and effort.

It can be good fun deciding which crops to try and you may wish to start by identifying your favourite fruits and vegetables and working out which would be the most fun to try growing yourself. You can get the whole family involved and see how cost-effective it can be to grow your produce. Top tip: growing vegetables that are most expensive to buy, such as artichokes and squashes, is more cost-effective than growing vegetables like potatoes which are very cheap to buy.

Flowers can transform a garden and you can introduce a colour scheme or just have a go at growing your favourites when you choose some seeds from our range to start with. We love Sweet Peas, Violas and Lupins, and we have some great seed combinations in our Honey Bee Mix and other selection packs. See the package information for when to sow your flower seeds and when you can expect them to flower, and don’t forget to water regularly, especially in periods of drought.

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